Friday, May 1, 2015

Monthly Reflection: April

Bowl of posole and Star Wars Loteria from my husband's surprise birthday. 

I went key lime pie crazy... made a coconut cream key lime tart and this avocado, key lime tart. 

Spent one Sunday on the patio with homemade sangria and playing cards. 

Uno and instant pix nights. 

Went to the unveiling of this Selena mural by artist Sand.  

There were free tacos, churros and drinks!  It was amazing energy and a ton of fun to see.  Check out her instagram @sandoner. 
I spent an afternoon walking DTLA with my dear friend, picked up some plants and made cute arrangements. 

Proof! I painted the leaves on my nails. 

Pt. One of a date night with my husband.  

Pt. 2 of date nights with my husband.  We watched the 1961 movie Hercules vs. Vampires dubbed with live Opera singers for the dialogue and an orchestra for music, it was fantastic. 

I wore lots of layers, on the few days that it was chilly and rained (once).  

This month was pretty great.  Using my Passion Planner to it's full extent, could be a bit better, but I did complete my reflection in a timely manner! 


1. This past month has me feeling a complete 10.  It was an awesome month. 
2. The most memorable part of April was surprising my husband with a surprise party for his 30th birthday.  He was completely surprised and went just as planned.  
3. This month the biggest lessons I learned were to focus, write, and put in work.  I have difficulty focusing.  Though I am a great multi-tasker, when I'm faced with a large list of tasks I can get easily distracted between tasks, which in the end can lead me unaccomplished all together.  I also need to be better with writing things down that are stuck in my head.  I have great ideas, but not for long once they're forgotten.  Also writing to de-stress.   Putting in work is a, DUH, but it's so easy to get lazy and get caught doing nothing but, uh, watching Netflix and Hulu.  
4. My priority towards the end of the month, has become more about DIT&O.   And I am really happy about it.  Consistency is key, even if no one is here reading, so I'm going to keep going.  
5. I think the major difference between March and April is that April was much  more productive.  I planned my weekends better to actually really enjoy relaxing but still feel like I got things done.  
6. I am so grateful for my mom.  Though she may not know it, she has really inspired me to continue to be motivated to pursue my creative dreams.  She spends her days learning to draw, sketch and paint, and in such a little amount of time has really embraced her natural creativity and inner artist.  I'm beyond proud of her.  
7. For the month of May, three things I intend to improve on, is to continue to focus on the things that deserve my attention (developing new friendships, blog, personal development), I will make an appointment to talk to a counselor to discuss my higher education and I intend to have better productivity (especially on weekdays, by.... waking up early...). 

The motivation from the last week of April in my passion planner. 

How are you feeling about your past month and the month ahead?   Share in the comments! 


Thursday, April 30, 2015

DIY: Potted Pens

A DIY at last!  Just in time for mother's day too. This is a chic update on the elementary school classic.  Last year I made the cute pens and they've lived on my desk at work ever since.  But recently I was thinking of another way to display them (they were in a boring ol' pen cup) since they're cute little succulents. I remembered Mother's day being right around the corner and  I know I made at least one potted pen for my mom in third grade.  But also perfect for anyone with a desk anyone in need of something adorable with still a great amount of functionality.  And the saucer? Repurposed with paper-clips and post-its, it was a pure spark of genius (normally I'm much more modest than this).  

If you're anything like me.... you're particular about your writing instruments... ball point pens need to be write smooth and have dark ink, roller ball pen... I won't even get into it...  Because I love my pens so dearly, I really dislike when they disappear; someone borrows one, uses one on your desk and *POOF* it's gone forever.  

For the pen diy click here.

For the assembly of the pot, all you need is: 

one 4" pot, the height of your pens ideally
5" saucer, room for the clips and small post-its 
2 bags of pebbles, can also use aquarium colored rocks
paint, to decorate the pot (not done in this diy, but your pot can be totally customized!)

What are you making your mom for mother's day? 

Happy making!


P.S. I Made This... #cincoDIYmayo

Really excited for next Tuesday!   You can still snag a ticket for Monday or Tuesday

Will update after the event of course! 


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April: National Letter Writing Month

It may be the end of the month and April may have been deemed by the United States Post Office as National Letter Writing Month but it's never too late to write a letter to a dear friend.  I love sending and receiving letters, though I send more than I receive.  Which is totally fine!   But what I decided to do this time, was write letters to my friend's children and my nieces.  I included in their letter a return notecard, addressed and stamped!  This will, I hope, encourage them to write and hopefully value the pen-to-paper messaging.   

I also sent some cards to my girlfriends with some *endearing* messages.   I'm hoping that this inspires others to pick up a pack or 3 of those note cards in the Target dollar section (no one can resist that section, amirite?!) or splurge on a beautiful set of notecards from Paper Source and write!  You definitely don't have to write a whole letter, a message can be as simple as "Thinking of you", "Thanks for being the best", or "Date soon?".  I also try to send cards when I see something to be congratulated, thanked or a get well sentiment to a friend. 

I encourage picking up a book of stamps and keeping them handy for random card sending.   Or if you have a basket, box or tub, make your very own "letter writing kit" to keep you encouraged to write.  Ideal items for said kit: mailing stamps, stickers, note cards, pens, markers, confetti (for filling cards!), your address book* (important to keep up to date, or use your phone contact list), ink pads, decorative stamps, maracas? (more on this later) and any other paper goods.  

Together, let's start the #snailmailrevolution! 


Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekend Happenings No. 1

Happy Monday!  

This weekend was so lovely I decided to share and make it a semi regular thing (we'll see how this goes...).   I ended my Friday with a pot of soup and a quick project.  I put a plant in R2D2!  If you've had the popcorn in Tomorrowland at Disneyland you'll recognize the container... I saved it and for a few weeks knew I wanted to put a plant in it.  

Saturday I celebrated my middle school's 15th anniversary or QuinceaƱera, really, that's what it was.  So I reminisced and looked at my scrapbook.  I ended the day spending some quality time with my parents.  

Sunday I dedicated to Artisanal LA as a volunteer.  I scanned people in, put on wristbands (got a lot of compliments for my nails), helped speakers giving talks set up, womaned the info table and anything else they needed me to do.   I didn't miss my opportunity to shop when I got a break.  

I rewarded myself with a churro ice cream sandwich..... mint and chip ice cream...... 

And ended the night with playing cards and enjoying this delicious jam I got at Artisanal.  

It was all perfect. 


Friday, April 24, 2015

Artisanal LA *See you there*

I will be volunteering all day on Sunday!  Stop by if you're free!  If you've never heard of it... 

The Reef will transform into an eco-foodie showcase featuring over 150 local vendors, including artists, authors, chefs, wares and more- which means you can sample some beef jerky while learning about aquaponics from the experts. This community festival showcases the best of American-made, small-batch, handmade food, drink and wares from talented, independent makers for a weekend of tasting, shopping and experiencing the best of Los Angeles and beyond.
Some of the weekend highlights include more than 60 vendors making their debut; a DIY bitters station; how to keep backyard chickens; a leather-coaster-making workshop; tomato hybrids in the urban farm pop-up; a Milk and Cookies corner; DIY terrariums; and Life & Thyme’s Lounge ft Copa Vida and plenty of shopping for Mom. Just be sure to come hungry: Artisanal LA offers samples of meats, frozen treats, chocolaty confections, baked goods and more. Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free (and even pet friendly!) selections will be available making the event equally satisfying for all.

There are 2 vendors I met a few weeks ago that I am looking forward to seeing, Viva Los Cupcakes and Erva, fair-trade, organic yerba mate blends.  

Tickets are also discounted on Goldstar


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

From the Archive: 18th Casino Themed Birthday

John and I.  John designed the banner that was also used on the cake. 

My parents and I plus BALLOONS! 

Happy Birthday Gryska! (Her birthday is March 17)

Today on the eve of my birthday, I share with you one of the decorated, festive, interactive parties I've had.  These parties would not have been made possible without my parents, who have always worked very hard to give my brother and I everything we've ever wanted.  My parents, who I love and appreciate very much, always went along and supported all of my crazy ideas.   When I turned 18, the theme was glitz and glam with a vegas casino themed party.   My favorite party decor item, you might guess are balloons.  The ceiling was covered with balloons and tied to chairs and the wall were vegas themed mylar balloons, of course, that we inflated ourselves with a rented helium tank.  

The casino tables my parents rented with the dealers, who I remember were all very friendly and taught us all how to play the games, like craps, which I had never played before.

Can't wait to share more "from the archive".  I have so, so many photos on my hard drive.


p.s. All photos are unedited.  

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Overnight Oats and Fitness Goals

I enjoyed this mango jar on the ride to work and at work! 
With cucumber, lemon and Herbalife Aloe concentrate. 

Three weeks ago I embarked on a journey.  I made a conscious decision that I wanted to eat better and exercise.  I started Herbalife with the guidance of a friend of mine, Karla, that now acts as my "wellness coach".   I don't want to go into too much detail about Herbalife, I'm not here to sell it or anything.  But I will explain a bit about what my day to day looks like.  I drink 2 of their Formula 1 shakes as meal replacers and enjoy one meal of my choosing per day.   I'm far from starving myself, because one- that's incredibly unhealthy for your body and two- I like snacks.  In between meals I have a high protein snack.  

This week, I chose to eat breakfast. Drinking a shake is easy in the AM because there's little prep.   Last night though, I prepped my breakfast for the week.  Karla had told me about them when I started, overnight oats, she said were a great breakfast.  I used a post on Yoga Eat Run as a base, but mostly winged it.  These jars are so incredibly easy.  If you are one to skip breakfast, which you should never do, these jars are for you, grab-and-go!   No cooking necessary!  Add oats, milk (of your choosing, I used almond milk), greek yogurt, and the rest is up to you: chia seeds, mango, strawberries, bananas, nuts, etc.  The possibilities are endless.  Mix 'em up, fridge them and THAT'S IT!  

I also prepped in small 8 oz jars, greek yogurt and fruit for my in between meals snack. I'm really excited for this lifestyle change.  I am already feeling the benefits of having more energy, slimming down and overall being happier!

Follow me on Pinterest where I'm pinning clean eating and physique ideas. 


p.s. If this has piqued your interest at all about Herbalife or you want to talk to me more about how I feel about it, please feel free to email me.  I am definitely a beginner but can give you my early testimonial.  You can also contact Karla, my wellness coach.  If you wonder how expensive it is, she can work with any budget as little as $25.  Her email is viionehkb[at]gmail.com.  

p.p.s.  Need some tunes?  On my way to work today these two songs came on and they lifted my spirits higher.