Tuesday, May 26, 2015

DIT&O Weekend 5

captured by mom

Tippy-toes for pan dulce.

My grandfather's front yard.  I grew up on it rolling around with the dog, Rags. 
My Pop-op going to show me his garden. 
captured by Genna 

captured by Genna
captured by Genna
captured by Genna 

For a three day weekend I normally take more time to plan and execute to fully utilize each hour to its fullest potential.  But this time I took it easy.   Spent time with family and overall a pretty lazy weekend. If I continue to post these DIT&O Weekends (formerly "Weekend Happenings")  regularly,  I think we might conclude I visit taquerias pretty often.    I went with my parents to Nuño Brothers for 1 taco.  Yes 1 taco each, because they use regular size tortillas not those tiny ones and load 'em up so all you need is one unless you're really hungry.   Next door to the taqueria is a panaderia and let me tell you, they were the softest and most delicious conchitas I've ever had (this might be why I had the hardest time at the gym today).     Visiting my Pop-op was nostalgic.  It had been months, probably years, since I had been over.  Thinking back the entire weekend was a bit nostalgic: went to the Stater Bros. where we used to get our groceries,  I saw that the video store a few doors down from Stater Bros., Videosky, that we used to frequent to get our new releases since the rentals were VHS had finally closed, and went to the Videosky that is still  in business about a mile away with John's sister to return her movies and get something to watch after dinner.   Having John home and sleeping in was perfect for the gloomy weather we had over the weekend, although I am really looking forward to some sunshine.  

It was a lovely, lazy weekend.  I'll take another anyday.  


p.s. My neice Genna captured some great shots, she played with focus and depth of field and I really love them.  

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New Bonlook Frames


I've worn glasses since 6th grade, I've always had thick, dark frames.   Even as a kid I never understood why frames were so expensive.   Visiting the optometrist and buying frames from their limited selection in the office used to be what I thought was the only way to find frames.   But now the world wide web has a bigger and better selection and for a much better deal!   My first pair of online frames came from Warby Parker in 2011.  I had been lusting for clear frames for a few years and with no luck in any optometrist office, I found Warby Parker.  A few years later, BonLook to the rescue and I purchased the pair I've had the last year, Jack & Norma in chai, which I also purchased in sunglasses too (loved the frame that much).  I wanted a new set this year and to spice it up, a few frames because I figure, I wear glasses e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y I could use a few pairs to switch it up! 

I got Jack & Norma but in Champagne, Selfie in Dressy Tortoise (Which I think I want to exchange) and Ipanema sunglasses in black (I wanted the white tortoise but there is a waiting list!).

It took about 3 weeks of anxiously waiting and refreshing the tracking everyday.   Clearly I was really excited.  The Ipanema sunnies, are  by far my favorite!

I recieved the Jack and Norma frames in imperfect condition, but the customer service department has been really helpful.  

You can virtually try them on!  

Hope your week is off to a great start! 


p.s. I purchased these glasses myself and this post is in no way an advertisement for BonLook but rather my personal review. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekend Happenings 4

Her daughter introduced her Principle who was one of the speakers, in English and in Spanish!  It was too cute. 

Saturday started early, which for me does not come easy.  I've always been a night owl.  But it started early in Pasadena with a lavender breve from Lavender and Honey and then at the University club in Pasadena for the Her Story Women's Conference.  We listening to each of the speaker's story.  They spoke with the model of "I used to" "and now I".  It's self reflective and really required them to speak from within.  Keynote speaker Dr. Lois Frankel's key points withing her talk were: 

"I used to think it was my job to make everyone else happy"
"I used to think I wasn't good enough"
"I used to not ask for what I wanted"

And she discussed why she used to think that and how she evolved to knowing it's only her job to make herself happy, she is definitely good enough and learning not to ask permission but to tell.   

She told a joke:  
The first female president is going to be sworn into office.  She's asking her mother to attend, but her mother says, "But I don't have anything to wear", daugher and President says, "mom I'll buy you a dress please just come."  Her mother goes and is sitting next to a man that says to her how proud she must feel of her daughter the President of the United States and the mother says "well yeah, but did you know her brother is a doctor".  

She talked a lot about how her "I used tos" came from her parents and their low expectations of her as a girl.  A male cousin of hers, recently during lunch said to her "we didn't think you'd amount to anything".  

From her book titles alone, you can see how her "I used tos" really changed for the better.  
Nice Girls Just Don't Get It, Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office, Nice Girls Don't Get Rich to name a few.  

Founder of the conference, Marianne Emma Jeff also spoke between the speakers and emceed the day, released her new book for $0.99!  

The Get it Done Diva's Guide to Business: The Definitive Guide to Getting it Done and Standing Out as a Leader and an Expert

 I could go on and on with the 8 pages of notes I took during the conference, but I'll spare you.  I learned so much, and still have much to learn from all of those inspiring women. 

 I picked up ramen and watched Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.  Recommended by a friend last week, Iwatched the entire first season of the Netflix original by Saturday evening.    I took a glorious almost 3 hour long nap, which caused me to be up until 3:30am Saturday night.  But I was productive and made one of the projects that I've been really wanting to make.  

 The not so helpful Buzz slept next to me.  I'll post the finished product on a separate post! 

 Sunday was so productive!  John and I moved into a home with my friend a few months back and much of my craft stuff was still packed and piled in the home office.  I got to work organizing and setting up my desk.   Mission accomplished!  I look forward to getting home and having somewhere to get down to business.  

The not so helpful Buzz again, watching as I run around the house cleaning and organizing.  

After such a productive day, my housemate and I made dinner for a few friends and it was all delicious.  I wished Sunday would start all over, but alas, here we are on Monday.   I look forward to more weekends like this.  I really tackled my to do list.  

This is me, tired, with ice cream, wine and cats wishing Sunday would start over.  


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Daydreaming of a Palm Springs Getaway

Daydreaming of a Palm Springs Getaway

Daydreaming of a Palm Springs Getaway by karissapulido featuring H&M

We're half way to the end of the week and you can see where my head is... in the cloudless skies of Palm Springs.   Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess wasn't the first, nor the last to discover and fall completely head over heels of the place.   My mom first saw the Ace Hotel in Sunset magazine when it was more or less unheard of (5 years ago).  And to celebrate her birthday that year we visited, it was our stop before the Grand Canyon on our family vacation.  Ever since, my parents and myself have gone back dozens of times.

This past weekend I ventured into H&M for all of 30 minutes.  The store was full of banana leaf motif everything, pineapples, cacti and items that read "aloha beaches".  I wanted a lot of it which inspired me to put this Polyvore set together.  Where else do you find a tropical desert?  A conundrum in itself, but that's exactly what you would call a desert oasis of Palm Springs.   If you're planning a visit, definitely look on LivingSocial for weekend deals.  In my last visit in March, we stayed at the Hard Rock, visited the tramway and ate a nice sushi dinner, it was a perfect start to our spring break and pre-Vegas relaxing.


p.s. I realize I am posting a lot lately.  My goal isn't to post daily, because realistically, ain't nobody got time for that.  I have a hard time reading my favorite blogs as it is.  But to make blogging a habit, I will be posting regularly and soon will find my groove.  I appreciate your patience with me as I am getting comfortable with who I am as a blogger.   

p.p.s. Notice any changes around here?  I got a fresh update on the blog!  The template is by Kotrynabassdesign.com.  She is an superb designer that is so responsive and quick, I highly recommend her! 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Save the Dates & Wedding Party App

Wedding Season is here!  
Hello Friends!  I'm having to juggle a very busy job right with my life right now.  I wanted to share my save the dates.  I love the photos that Ashley took and though there are a million save the date ideas, I kept it simple (mostly because of time).  I could have sent them out a tad earlier, by like 3 months.  I used Minted to print and it was so easy and convenient.  Also one of their new features is printing the addresses, free of cost, on the envelopes for you.  You get to choose the font and the input process is really easy!  I went with some confetti and checked it off my list! 

I printed 'LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN' and our wedding hashtag #johnloveskarissa on regular white paper and put on set in each envelope.  It was a nice surprise for our guests and also a reminder to do their chores (they had to get out a dustpan and broom to pick up the confetti, he-he

The wedding party app I set up after a quick search of wedding apps.  I wanted something that guests could get information and share photos with us. The app is so easy to use the only problem,is that the majority of the guests didn't use it. So you definitely have to consider your guests.  Are they older? Tech savvy? Etc. You can put accommodations, venue information, registry information etc. Just short of RSVPing the app does it all. My favorite part, also under-utilized, was that guests could upload "memories" like photos from when the bride and groom were kids, or photos from years past.   You can also create an album for each of the wedding events so guests can upload them. 

Also, they have made SO MANY updates to the app since we used it.  I recently re-downloaded it (the running out of space on my phone struggle) because I wanted to be sure I saved all of the photos and noticed the so many things that are different.  One awesome new feature is you can create messages straight in the app!  So you have have message threads, all wedding related in one place.  

I hope to share more from my wedding throughout the next few months.  

If you're planning a wedding I shared my thoughts on an untraditional wedding the save the date photos here.  


Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekend Happenings 3

My parents' front yard
Sophie, a stray I rescued 5 years back.  
Goodwill carts! I was on the hunt for baskets.... and well I found them all. 

My mom heating up tortillas and some left overs. 
Ziggy relaxing in mom's studio. 
I wanted a kiss, Ziggy wanted to lick remnants of my food off my lips. 
Grilling up fresh octopus. 

A rooster and sombrero'd man play area at the taqueria! 
I was over ambitious.... these tacos are so meaty. 

Picking fresh jalapenos. 
John & Mia. 
My mom experimenting with different paints. 

This weekend was pretty busy.  I was up and about everywhere.  It started with an easy commute to OC to my parents.  My parents are regular thirfters, so I told them we had to go together because I hadn't been recently.  It was a pretty successful trip to the thrift stores!   Or as we call them, "la segundas", in Spanish segunda is second, we're basically calling them second hand stores.  Followed by linner (lunch/dinner) at my moms, but not too much to eat because I had plans to be at the OC Night Market.   I expected it to be busy, I did not expect what the reality was: 30 minute lines to order food plus wait time.  It was nice to see friends and be on the struggle for food together.  Next time, I'll definitely have a plan.  

Sunday, John took the train in from San Diego and as a surprise to his mom for mother's day, he didn't warn her.  I was so happy to have him for the day, I won't see him again for a few weeks.  We stopped and had tacos at one of John's favorite spots.   Because we were surprising John's mom, we planned on doing so when we visited his grandmother. While grandma gave everyone the tour of her garden, John surprised them outside.  John's mom gave him a sweet look and the best part, called him a stinker.  I told grandma about my houseplants so she gave me some cuttings for my collection (score!).  

After an as quick as possible errand to the mall, John and I stopped by my parents so he could visit my mom.  It was a quick visit but we enjoyed the backyard patio.  My mom was working on her art and we all chatted.   I wandered the backyard for plants I could take home.

After dinner at the Raya's with pie in our hands, my father in-law made an emotional thank you to the mothers, especially his wife but also his daughters for being such benevolent mothers and raising such great kids.  He also nodded to me as a future mother and joked if I had something to tell John, NOPE, nothing to tell here.  (I'll enjoy our freedom to sleep in and being solely a cat mom for a while longer, thank you very much!)

It was a nice day, especially so because the sun decided to burn off all of the gloom that had been looming the last week.   

To say the least... this morning was a rough one....


p.s.  I actually used my camera this time and not just my iPhone to capture pictures!